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■About us Xinyitong Translation

As the core business of XINYITONG, XINYITONG Interpretation Dept. has been performing well since its establishment in providing business and conference interpreting. So far it has fulfilled simultaneous interpretation for over 10 international conferences on urban and regional development, economic cooperation to corporate governance, from electronics and telecommunication technology to food safety and logistics. The successful completion of those events has demonstrated our strength and competency in conference interpreting and earned us credit in the market.

XINYITONG Interpretation Dept., to ensure the availability of simultaneous interpreters, employs in-house interpreters to select, review and manage contracted interpreters to guarantee our service quality. We also maintain talented interpreters within our reach in western China and have built sound partnership with freelance interpreters in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

XINYITONG Interpretation Dept., to guarantee service quality, has formulated a series of management and quality control procedures, such as Project Workflow, Interpreter Selection Procedure, Interpretation Assignment Sheet, Interpreter’s Workflow and Interpretation Quality Control Specification and Customer Service Procedure. All tasks have to be implemented in strict compliance with those procedures, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty and enhances the awareness of XINYITONG brand.

Why Choose XINYITONG Interpretations

Multi-linguistic capability: two-way interpretation covering a wide variety of languages, including English, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and more.

Competent crew: Among the 100 in-house translators and interpreters, we have 4 senior translators and 6 licensed interpreters by the state and local certification agency.

Technical expertise: our experienced interpreters with translation record in millions have built up an extensive knowledge and terminology base to optimize their on-spot performances.

Networked Locations: Our services cover the entire Southwest China with operation centers based in Chengdu, Chongqing and Kunming, which enables us to integrate and share all resources available to localize services and take the advantage to win inter-provincial interpretation projects.





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