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  →Consecutive Interpreting  

■About us Xinyitong Translation

Consecutive Interpretation

Rupert Ye

For consecutive interpretation at a conference, the interpreter is required to listen to a consecutive speech for five to ten minutes and then express all the contents in another language completely, accurately and eloquently. There is no difference between the consecutive and simultaneous interpretations for conferences in relative superiority or inferiority or degree of difficulty, both of which are complementary to each other with the same functions and quality requirements.

Consecutive Interpretation: The interpreter takes notes while the speaker speaks, then renders a speech in a different language after the speaker. During the days of the League of Nations , all speeches were interpreted in consecutive and some interpreters were such excellent masters of their skill that they could take notes for 30 minutes and render the same and equally eloquent speech in another language.

Compared with simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation requires longer momentary memory, more accurate and specialized translations. As an independent subject, consecutive interpretation has its own features and rules.



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