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Engineering Translation

We provide absolutely correct translation in any field of engineering, exact sciences and also legal documents. Our native professional engineers translate perfectly and are truly least expensive. The great majority of translators is only linguists and not scientists or engineers and therefore is not capable of translating these types of documents accurately and clearly.

This is the difference in our translation services from most others. Our translators have engineering backgrounds in the following fields: mechanical engineering, aviation, aerospace, combustion engines, automotive and industrial equipment. Because we actually live in China we can accurately translate in all of these areas including:

•  Operation and Maintenance Manuals
•  Owner's Manuals
•  Parts Catalogs and Databases
•  Press Releases
•  Service Bulletins
•  Shop Manuals
•  Specification Sheets
•  Test Reports
•  Training Literature and Presentations

Our guarantee to you is:

•  Quality translation by native speakers
•  Full rectification at no extra charge where errors are found
•  Full money back guaranteed if unsatisfied
•  If you find it cheaper elsewhere, we will better that price
•  We are fully accountable for all our work






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