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Chinese Translation

All our Chinese translators are professional qualified, native speakers and projects are allocated based on a translator's expertise. Business translations are proofread and edited by a second Chinese translator to guarantee the highest quality.

The quality of your Chinese translation is a direct reflection on you and your business. It is therefore essential that any Chinese translation you have done is of the highest possible quality.

Xinyitong will concentrate on what we do best allowing you to do what you do best. Offering translation and desktop publishing for Chinese, and through our partner true Chinese printing expertise. This means you can give us a source document and have it returned translated, typeset and printed ready for its target market.

We provide Chinese translation services to or from many languages for some of the world's best known companies. We are in an exclusive position to deal with any types of Chinese translation projects you may have.

Industries and Solutions


Manufacturing, Financial, Chemical / Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Government, Public Sector, Design & Advertising, IT Hardware & Software, Games & Multimedia,

For Business Technical

Translation, Marketing Translation, Employee Handbooks, Document Translation,Website Translation

For Individuals

Personal Letters

More …

Chinese DesktopPublishing (DTP)

Xinyitong can accept all file types and deliver ready to publish files where required. Translated data can be designed for both on-line and off-line publishing utilizing SGML, XML and PDF formats. Additionally, we support most commercial authoring and design applications on both PC and Macintosh platforms including but not limited to:

•  Microsoft Word
•  Adobe Acrobat
•  Adobe FrameMaker
•  Adobe Illustrator
•  Adobe PageMaker
•  Adobe Photoshop
•  Corel Draw
•  Corel Ventura
•  Macromedia Freehand
•  Macromedia Dreamweaver
•  Macromedia Fireworks
•  Macromedia Flash
•  Quark Xpress

Chinese Localization

We provide GB (Simplified Chinese) and Big Five (Traditional Chinese) files for software or website localization .

Chinese Language Interpreting Services

On interpreting projects, we will determine the number of interpreters required, what kind of interpreters, and the equipment you may need. We also encourage you to provide us with background material before the project starts to ensure that our interpreters can prepare in advance.

Wide range of Chinese specialty and industry translators

ChineseTranslation progress reports available accessible directly and on-line

Translation memory to save you time and money in the future

Specialist industry Chinese translators

With a large network of in-country, bilingual Chinese translators, Xinyitong can respond quickly and effectively to your Chinese language translation needs. Xinyitong's Chinese translation teams are professional linguists performing translation from English to Chinese and Chinese to English for a range of documents in various industries including:

•  General Documents
•  Legal Documents
•  Marketing Material
•  Websites
•  Manuals
•  Contracts
•  Automotive
•  Defense
•  Desk-Top Publishing
•  E-Learning
•  Finance
•  Medical
•  Multimedia
•  Software
•  Technical
•  Tourism
•  Telecommunications, etc.
•  Aerospace Translation
•  Automotive Translation
•  Defense Translation
•  Energy & Power Translation
•  Finance Translation
•  Gaming Translation
•  Government Translation
•  Legal Translation
•  Medical Translation
•  Religion Translation
•  Telecommunications Translation
•  Tourism Translation




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